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What is Powered by Zola?

When you see the "Powered by Zola" logo, it means the site you're visiting uses The Everywhere Store to sell books. The Everywhere Store, backed by Zola Books' technology services, empowers websites to sell any book in any format without sending visitors to another site. When you buy from The Everywhere Store, you're helping your favorite sites and authors earn more. To learn more, click here.

Account Creation

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Why do I need an account? Can’t I just download the book?
We ask that you create an account when you buy a book so that if you need to download it in the future, you may log into your account to do so.

Account Maintenance

Security & Privacy

Is my credit card safe with you?
We do not share your credit card information with anyone. We use a PCI Compliant industry leading payment processing company to ensure your security, as well as industry-standard encryption protocols for everything Powered by Zola.

How do I return an ebook?
Ebooks are not returnable.

How do I return a digital audiobook?
Digital audiobooks are not returnable.

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